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Reverend Father Jeffrey W. Hennes, Pastor

RReverend Father Jeffrey Hennes, Parochial Administrator


St. Mary Immaculate Conception Parish Cemetery

Cemetery Lot Pricing. Effective January 1, 2017, the pricing for plots at St. Mary Immaculate Conception Cemetery will be increasing. Costs will be:

- $450/single lot; $900/double lot for parishioners.

- $900/single lot; $1800/double lot for non-parishioners.

Two burials per lot are allowed, in the grouping of one (1) traditional and one (1) cremation; or, two (2) cremation per lot. Cost for second burial per lot is:

- $225 for parishioners

- $450 for non-parishioners

A cremation burial only section has been created in the St. Mary Cemetery, the pricing for these lots are:

- $300 per lot for parishioners

- $600 per lot for non-parishioners

Please note that special guidelines will apply for the cremation burial only section in relation to headstones & decorations. These guidelines can be found in the St. Mary Cemetery Rules & Regulations. 


All questions can be directed to the main office by calling 715-344-2599 or emailing parish@toruncatholic.org.