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Cemetery Lot Pricing. 

  Effective January 1, 2017, the pricing for plots at St. Mary Immaculate Conception Cemetery will be:

- $450/single lot; $900/double lot for parishioners.

- $900/single lot; $1800/double lot for non-parishioners.


Two burials per lot are allowed, in the grouping of one (1) traditional and one (1) cremation; or, two (2) cremation per lot. Cost for second burial per lot is:

- $225 for parishioners

- $450 for non-parishioners


A cremation burial only section has been created in the St. Mary Cemetery, the pricing for these lots are:

- $300 per lot for parishioners

- $600 per lot for non-parishioners


Please note that special guidelines will apply for the cremation burial only section in relation to headstones & decorations. These guidelines can be found in the St. Mary Cemetery Rules & Regulations. 




All questions can be directed to the main office by calling 715-344-2599 or emailing

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