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Generous contributions help to cover the day-to-day operating expenses of St. Mary Parish.  Below are the various ways that we encourage our parish family to use to contribute.

Weekly Contribution Envelopes

St. Mary utilizes mailed envelopes for our parish family. Envelopes are mailed to your home on a quarterly basis. If you are a parishioner and are not currently receiving mailed envelopes and would like to, please contact the parish office.

ACH Giving

ACH Giving is a way to have your offering automatically transferred from your checking or savings accounts and electronically deposited into the Parish’s checking account via the Automated Clearing House {ACH}. Each offering will be noted on your bank statement and can be made on a monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly basis. For more information down the document to the right, or contact the parish office.

Click image to download

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Online Offering through PayPal

Online offerings can be made through secure services offered through PayPal. You can make one time offerings, or set up recurring offerings.

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